e-flow of documents

This integrated system streamlines the processes inside a company by ensuring the right flow of documents and data necessary for smooth functioning of any business.

e-flow of documents consists of the following elements:

e-flow of documents

document circulation and exchange – The document circulation and exchange module is responsible for sending and receiving documents in an electronic form. All documents that need to be transferred to the office (accounting documents, payroll and personnel administration documents, invoices, internal documents, sales data etc.) will be exported to our platform, directly from the client’s system/hard disk or from our own database/archive. This module can be used to facilitate the circulation of documents between the client and BIS, or it can be used as an intra-company tool, with no connection to BIS.

search module – The search module ensures that any document can be quickly and precisely identified in the archive/database. Both BIS and the client will have the possibility of finding any document/data using a simple search mechanism. The module allows for running searches using metadata, sequences of characters or phrases, or conducting an advanced search with additional filters that would limit the search area to certain catalogues or types of documents.

document recognition module – The document recognition module is responsible for “reading” the documents and converting them into files that are recognizable to the platform and our system. This module translates each document into a structure that complies with the standards of electronic communication.

digital signature module – The digital signature module consists of all the procedures, libraries and functions that are indispensable to demonstrating the authenticity of the digital signature. A B2B system automates the exchange of accounting and financial documents that were created as a result of the rendered services, and ensures that a given document was generated by our office, protected from unauthorized access, and unaltered in any way.