Accounting supervision

Accounting supervision is a service that we offer as an alternative to the comprehensive outsourcing of accounting services. The range of external services of the chief accountant includes: regular supervision of the client’s accounting books at his seat or by remote access to the accounting records, depending on the technical capabilities. By combining external accounting supervision with keeping the books at the company, the client has, among others, the possibility of smooth transition from full external accounting to in-house accounting.

Accounting supervision services are performed by us in the following accounting systems of our clients: SAP, Enova, Comarch.


Range of accounting supervision services:

  • preparing, modifying and implementing the corporate chart of accounts;
  • devising the company’s accounting policy to be accepted by the Board;
  • checking the turnover and balance sheets after the closure of each month and checking the validity of entering the accounting documents into the books;
  • supervision of cash records, without assuming the responsibility for the actual state of company cash register;
  • supervision of fixed and intangible assets records, and of the depreciation plan;
  • offering advice on balancing the appropriate accounts;
  • checking VAT sales and purchase registers;
  • checking or preparing the VAT-7 declaration and its final approval;
  • checking or preparing the amount of monthly advance CIT payment and its final approval;
  • checking or preparing the annual CIT-8 declaration and its final approval;
  • checking or preparing the documentation for the financial statement and its final approval;
  • offering advice and/or preparing a list of potential errors in the account assignment and transaction records;
  • assistance in case of examining the ledgers by auditors;
  • professional support and assistance in case of tax control and other dealings with the tax authorities;
  • assistance in work management and task allocation to accounting department employees.

Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

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