Online platform

We are currently implementing an online platform for rendering services to our clients. Our aim is to develop a tool that would guarantee maximum efficiency in systemizing work on both ends. The platform includes a number of functionalities that ensure 24/7 access to many tools as well as provide the possibility of archiving and cataloguing documents. The platform is intended to automate most of the processes that happen between our office and the client, and to provide solutions that will facilitate the functioning of the client’s company.


The implementation of the platform enables:

  • electronic circulation of documents and workflow (including Workflow, E-Archivum, and a system of reminders),


  • e-manager (controls issues connected with taxes and social insurance, receivables, payroll and personnel administration, bookkeeping and trade),
  • e-finance (including reports, analyses and budgeting).

Moreover, several useful tools are being implemented at the moment. They will enable clients to log on to the Client Panel and issue invoices, complete a business trip form or holiday application online, or request an advance payment. There will also be an Employee Welcome Pack containing the templates of all documents necessary to register a new employee. The panel will also include interactive prepayments and accruals forms, and on-line cash registers. It will be accompanied by up-to-date foreign currency exchange rates calculator.

The platform as a tool is not a finite whole. It will be developed to include new functionalities when they become necessary.

This innovative solution will make it possible to render services at a whole new level while maintaining top quality of service and saving the client’s time and effort.

Please contact us for more detail.