This is a tool for issuing invoices using an interactive form, which is aimed at clients who need to issue sales documents in a fast and intuitive way. The documents are then saved in the system and catalogued, and they can be sent to a dedicated email address or saved as PDF files.


e-Invoice service includes:

  • issuing VAT invoices, advance payment invoices, pro forma invoices, and bills,
  • compiling lists of sales invoices and bills,
  • making corrections of documents,
  • taking the stock and physical inventory,
  • creating databases of goods and buyers,
  • controlling settlements with third parties (including the printout of requests for payment),
  • creating a customized template of numbering,
  • importing data from Excel spreadsheets,
  • converting all amounts, sums and results automatically by means of an interactive editor.

Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

Please contact us for more details.