Bookkeeping and tax services

We offer:

  • keeping full accounting records (accounting ledgers),
  • simplified bookkeeping (revenue and expense ledger; tax card; lump-sum tax).

As part of our bookkeeping and tax services we offer:

  • day-to-day keeping of the books with reference to tax settlements, statistical reporting (Central Statistical Office, National Bank of Poland), and statutory financial statements,
  • drawing up all the necessary declarations (including corporate and personal income tax forms), calculating real estate tax and tax on civil law transactions,


  • calculating income tax advance payments,
  • maintaining additional documentation for the settlement of subsidies,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and equipment,
  • assistance in case of audit and tax control.

We also offer:

  • access to an online platform (including access to documents and data, generating reports and analyses, using the budgeting module, and many other useful tools),
  • remote access to information in our system,
  • electronic approval of documents,
  • self-invoicing,
  • preparing payment orders in a banking system to be accepted by the client,
  • collecting documents from the client,
  • archiving the documents.

Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

Please contact us for more details.