Shelf Company

This solution is addressed to people who want to start their business activity as soon as possible, without the need for undergoing the registration procedures. We offer the possibility of purchasing a “ready-made” company, and we give a guarantee confirmed by a notary public that it is free from any liabilities, contracts, etc.

Most of the companies were registered under a prestigious address in central Wrocław. They have all the necessary registration numbers (KRS, NIP, Regon, VAT EU).


When buying a shelf company, it is necessary to:

  • sign a sales of shares agreement at a notary public,
  • choose a new president and board members,
  • change the registered address (if necessary),
  • change the name of the company (if necessary),
  • modify the PKD (Polish Classification of Activities) codes (by default, the companies have almost all the possible PKD codes),
  • file updated documents with the court and other necessary institutions.


We offer assistance in organizing and undergoing all the procedures described above. We can make an appointment with a notary public if necessary, we help with establishing the power of attorney and take care of other formal requirements on the client’s behalf. We fill in the necessary updated documents and represent the client before bodies.

Purchasing a shelf company saves time and makes it possible to begin business activity virtually on the same day.