Client Zone

We are always changing to address our clients’ needs and react to their requirements. We are pleased to inform you that we have begun the implementation of an innovative solution – a purpose-built online platform – that will make it possible for us to render services at the highest level. It will maximize the efficiency by saving the client’s time and effort.

Our aim is to create a powerful tool that will introduce a number of functionalities to provide the clients with a 24/7 online access to our office as well as enable the filing, archiving and browsing of your documents.


The implementation of the platform enables:

  • electronic circulation of documents and workflow (including Workflow, E-Archivum and a system of reminders – these functionalities make it possible to manage the electronic flow of documents and data at the client’s company as well as between the client and BIS),
  • e-Manager (a tool which enables the manager or company owner to gain access to financial data and information about employees, business partners and other relevant company data by means of an Internet browser from anywhere in the world),
  • e-Finance (a unique package of functionalities that aids professional process management in area connected with finance management, including reports, analyses, budgeting, settlements and credit risk control).


All you need to log on to your account is Internet connection, and then you will be able to access all the services rendered by our office from anywhere in the world, without having to come to us in person.


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