We have conducted a survey of our clients’ needs and used the findings to develop several online tools to address their needs. As it has been suggested by them, we have prepared a number of functionalities integrated within our online platform that are aimed at streamlining our clients’ work and making most of the processes intuitive and less time-consuming.


e-Invoice is an interactive form that enables issuing invoices by the client. It is a simple and intuitive tool for issuing the right documents, cataloguing them, saving them as PDF files or sending to any email address – all in one place!

e-Advance Payment is an electronic solution which makes it easier to manage advance payment requests and streamlines the processes connected with initiating, accepting and controlling the necessary documents. This service significantly reduces the amount of employees’ time needed to file a request. Completing the electronic form is easy and intuitive, as is its acceptance.

Cash report is an interactive integrated form where you can add, for instance, scanned copies of motorway toll payments. It standardizes settlements in a given area and makes it easy to browse through archival reports thanks to a searchable catalogue of documents.

Interest calculator is an efficient tool which calculates the current amount of interest, for instance in the case of paying back certain amounts of a loan. The calculator can be programmed to include elements such as an agreed rate of interest, and it downloads the relevant variables, such as the WIBOR rate.

Foreign currency exchange rates are downloaded on a regular basis and streamline many intra-company processes by eliminating the need to "google them out".

Business trips interactive forms are used to complete domestic and foreign business trip documentation. This tool minimizes the time needed to complete the forms by using an intelligent system of prompts. Moreover, a member of BIS staff will be able to look through the completed forms and suggest changes when necessary. All the forms will be archived so that they could be easily catalogued and browsed.

e-Holiday Request Form is a solution that makes it easier to manage employees’ requests for holidays by granting the possibility of electronic circulation of the requests, which improves the company’s efficiency. It allows for submitting any holiday request forms, including those on demand, unpaid, as equivalent for overtime, etc.

Employee’s Welcome Pack is a collection of document templates that must be filled in when a new employee is hired or when an employee’s position or conditions of employment change. This set includes all the relevant documents complete with intuitive instructions how to fill them in and where and when to send them.

Time Sheet is a professional tool for registering the amount of working time. An authorized person in a company can create a subaccount for each employee, who in turn could log on to it and regularly enter the number of hours worked. An additional functionality allows for the registration of time devoted to individual projects, which makes it possible to control it and thus optimize the profitability.

Interactive templates of documents is a set of useful templates that save time by eliminating the need to search for them or create them on your own.


Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

Please contact us for more details.