Financial advisory

We support companies in managing their finance. We use experienced experts and we ensure excellent support for clients in comprehensive management of company finance.

We render services including:

  • advisory in valuation, determining and creating company value,
  • advisory in transactions (mergers, acquisitions, privatizations),
  • advisory in raising private equity and venture capital,
  • financial advisory and coordination of all actions concerning IPO,


  • constant supervision and assessment of company’s financial actions,
  • preparation and strategic analysis of company’s financial plans,
  • participation in making key financial decisions connected with company’s future,
  • searching for solutions to maximize company’s profitability,
  • financial risk assessment of investments, transactions, deposits etc.,
  • control of operating costs of all the structures of a company against the budget: liabilities, receivables, financial liquidity,
  • supervision of financial statements,
  • management of company’s financial liquidity,
  • representation of the company before bodies.

Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

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