Personnel administration and payroll services

We render comprehensive personnel administration
and payroll services.


Our personnel administration services include:

  • keeping employees’ personal records,
  • drawing up contracts of employment,
  • drawing up civil law contracts,
  • keeping records of medical certificates,
  • keeping track of deadlines for medical examinations and OHS training,
  • keeping records of working time,


  • preparing declarations for PFRON, GUS, and other declarations connected with personnel administration services,
  • advisory in labor law and social insurance.


Payroll services include:

    • drawing up payroll lists,
    • calculating sickness pay and other allowances,
    • calculating payment in lieu of leave,
    • making payslips for employees,
    • preparing and settling civil law contracts,
    • drawing up benefits documentation and other, as required by social insurance requirements,
    • reporting employees for health insurance (ZUS) and discontinuation of health insurance,
    • drawing up settlement records for social insurance (ZUS),
    • drawing up tax declarations for the tax office (PIT 4 R),
    • drawing up tax declarations (PIT-11, PIT-40) for employees,
    • representation before the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),
    • preparing salary payment orders in the banking system.

Moreover, we provide a number of additional services to meet our clients’ non-standard requirements and expectations.

Please contact us for more details.