The world is developing at a hectic pace, and it is not enough to just keep up with it – we must overtake it. Aided by our team of experienced specialists, Business Intelligence Solutions is always looking for new solutions so that our clients can look into the future with confidence. Every day we hold meetings and exchange emails to help our clients in running their businesses ever more smoothly and more effectively. We use the newest solutions to make sure that we do our best to look after our clients’ interests. We render a number of additional services that live up to our clients individual requirements. Our extensive range of services enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that reflect the current demand of the market.


Work organization:
  • collecting documents
  • archiving
  • providing registered office address
  • secretarial services
  • establishing companies
  • representing before bodies
  • circulation of documents (Workflow)
  • remote access to data from BIS system
  • digital signature
  • virtual secretary
  • working time registration (Time Sheet)
  • reminders
  • reports
  • analyses
  • budgeting
  • invoicing
  • payments
  • debt collection
Online services:
  • tax advisory
  • financial advisory
  • investment advisory
  • legal advisory
  • online platform
  • e-finance
  • e-manager
  • e-invoice
  • e-flow of documents
  • e-office
  • e-archive
  • e-tools
  • Business Start!
  • Shelf Company