This is an interactive tool that automatically generates reports basing on data that has been entered into the system. Generating a report is possible at any time – the only requirement is access to the Internet.

 The reports may be related to:

  • receivables,
  • VAT registers,
  • debtors and creditors,
  • payroll and personnel administration
  • aging structure of receivables,
  • accounting and bookkeeping (including book records and compilations, the current balance, revenue and expense ledger records, flat rate transactions register).

 The system can produce:

  • standard reports,
  • customised reports.

 A standard report report is generated automatically at any time at the client’s convenience. It is only necessary to enter data prior to generating the report, and access the individual account in the Client Panel via the Internet. After logging on to the account, it is possible to download the report as an xml or pdf file, or print it.

A customised report is prepared by BIS specialists to address the client’s non-standard needs. This report is based on the client’s individual specifications. After logging on to the platform, the client can request a customised report. Later, an appropriate BIS department receives the request. After acknowledging the request, the client is informed via the Client Panel about the time needed for preparation and the cost of the service. If the client agrees to the proposed time and cost, a BIS specialist begins to prepare the report, which can later be accessed by means of the Client Panel.

All reports prepared by BIS are delivered in a timely manner and characterised by high standards.
They are produced basing on the client’s individual needs and specifications.