The interactive analyses module makes it possible to generate analyses via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The analyses may concern financial issues (profitability of an investment, financial reports, factors influencing the bottom line, establishing the company’s financial situation, liquidity, liabilities, efficiency) or management issues that enable the client’s company to be run more efficiently.


Using this module, the following analyses can be generated:

  • Basic Analyses (balance sheet, profit and loss account, RPP, statement of changes in equity),
  • Preliminary Analyses (structure and dynamics of the balance, RPP dynamics, structure and dynamics of the profit and loss account),
  • General Analyses (ratio analysis, leverages, DuPont analysis, industry benchmarking, determining the threat of bankruptcy, executive summary),
  • Analytical versions (analytical balance sheet, analytical profit and loss account, analytical RPP).


Upon client’s request, we can also prepare individual analyses that include other factors chosen by the client.

The process of analyses generation is fully automatic. After entering the necessary data, an analysis can be generated and accessed via the individual account in the Client Panel. The analyses can be downloaded as an xml or pdf file, or printed directly from the Panel.